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New comment by eoinmurray92 in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (May 2020)"

Kyso | Full-time JavaScript/Backend Engineer | Valencia, Spain but job is remote within the EU | with equity | kyso.io


Hello all ! I’m Eoin one of the co-founders of Kyso. We are a small, fast growing, venture funded (Lunar Ventures & Techstars NYC) startup based in Valencia, Spain. Our stack is a typical MongoDB/Node.js backend with a Next.js/React.js frontend.

Kyso is a company’s central data insights hub where data scientists can post reports in a way that everyone on the team can read and learn from them. We are compatible with all the common data science tools, yet make the reports readable for non-technical people – bridging the gap between the data team and the rest of the company. Kind of like Notion (or Confluence), but for data analysis. 2/3 founders already have an exit – so this isn’t our first rodeo.

It’s our first hire (equity included) so if you want to get into a fast growing startup early – please apply!

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