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New comment by fd238 in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (March 2020)"

Location: Brazil

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes (US, Canada, London…)

Technologies: Python, Django, HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, Javascript ES6+, ReactJS/Redux, Bootstrap, RESTful APIs, SQL, Git…

Links to Linkedin, Github, Portfolio are on Résumé.

Please, send email to: [email protected]

About me: I am currently transitioning from a career as a Lawyer, but I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in a quantitative field to back me up.

I have been coding off and on as a hobby for a few years and thought I’d make the jump. I have very strong knowledge of CS fundamentals, am pretty good at math and briefly attended an Ivy League University in the US.

I absolutely love Software Engineering, so I am willing to learn new technologies. In fact, I am looking for a company that supports and encourages learning.

I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish (a little rusty on the last one).

As I said, I am willing to put in the time to master any modern technology out there.

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