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New comment by gadiylim in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (July 2019)"

–Who we are–
We’re a tech based real estate company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We specifically chose this market because we were driven by the problems we once faced as tenants, owners and property agents. Our vision is to simplify the property acquisition minus the red tapes through taking control over the Agents and backend processes.
We’re convinced that we are able to solve the issues with duplicated listings, fake agents, and unqualified tenants/buyers.
We are learning, and trying constantly to add value for our users and the agents wherever we can through different touchpoints, enabling them to make the right choice while maintaining the best user experience.

We’re looking for Full Stack Developers who are familiar with
Ruby on Rails, HTML and Javascript.
If you’ve had experience with AWS, it will be a good bonus.

We currently only accept applicants who are either currently residing in Malaysia or who are Malaysian citizens. The option for remote work was there, but as a startup we don’t have the luxury to resources and time to closely monitor tech. We prefer that you’d be phisically present for the job.

–Our Culture–
We are a small family of dreamers, driven by the same vision: to bring on positive changes to the property industry.
As a team, our strength lies into our diversity of backgrounds, interests and cultures. We work in an open office environment, which fosters interactions and fast paced decisions.
We favor ability and a can-do mindset over experience and degrees.
So, if you are …
tired of corporate jobs and want to go maverick
a go-getter and usually says “I’ll do it !”
in a habit of learning new things
Drop everything and apply now because we’re expanding our family!

Send your resumes / CVs to [email protected], we will send you an email with a quick test to see how you fare out. Cheers!

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