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New comment by gramontblanc in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (November 2020)"

  Location: Santa Clara, CA.
  Remote: Yes.
  Willing to relocate: Within SF region.
  Technologies: HTML/CSS/Javascript, AWS/Git/Docker, Python, C++
  Résumé/CV: On request.
  Email:[email protected]

Philosophy student/artist with broad web development / full stack / hosting experience.
Studied / collaborated on ML research projects in the past, but no professional work there yet.
Great with copywriting, documentation, testing/debugging, business case studies, applied epistemology.
Unexpectedly became totally disabled while working an interim job to fund art projects,
looking for absolutely any remote positions / non-manual-labor to forestall immediate homelessness.

Hit me up for detailed resume, social media, samples of work, or my organic chemistry / traditional illustration portfolio.
References to hiring processes that lean on coding samples, objective measures of programming skill, or are accomodating to non-traditional backgrounds would be really appreciated!

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