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New comment by jeffdoolittle in "Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking Freelancer? (September 2019)"

I am a Software Architect and Mentor. I have over twenty years of experience designing and architecting software systems, and providing developer leadership and mentorship.

I work with teams to create solutions to real world problems that help make people’s lives and jobs better. Every software engineer that I have worked with or mentored will tell you that working with me has made them better software engineers and architects.

I have built and integrated with large enterprise ERP systems for companies such as Odwalla, Ruiz Foods, Del Monte Foods, and Coca-Cola. I cofounded a successful Ag-tech startup that hosts multiple SAAS products in the cloud. Individuals I have mentored have gone on to work for companies of all sizes from startup ventures to Fortune 100 companies. I have deep knowledge and experience in distributed systems, cloud architecture, automated testing and deployment, leadership, and startup dynamics.

I can help you design your system to maximize the performance of your development team, increase feature delivery throughput, and improve quality, while staying on schedule and on budget…

I can design your project plan to provide risk mitigation, and accurate estimation of cost and time to build.

I can identify key pain points and constraints in your current project management structure, and help you mitigate them, or even leverage them.

I can work with you to improve your communication flows between team members, and across teams, to reduce confusion, increase clarity, and improve team morale…

I can help you design an automated sales and marketing funnel for your SAAS startup….

If it is related to software systems, team dynamics, distributed cloud architectures, microservices, or other similar areas, I can provide invaluable guidance to you and your team.

Find out more about the services I offer:



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