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New comment by JonasKS in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (March 2020)"

Location: San Bruno

Remote: Yes (US only)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: C, C++, Ruby, Java, Javascript, Netbeans, PHP, Python, SQL, Xcode, Slack, JSON, SQLite, CodeIgniter, Eclipse, MySQL Workbench, Android Studio, Git, Github

Résumé/CV: https://angel.co/jonasks. If unable to create an account, please see https://portfolium.com/JonasKS/access/5998c63d0e93a instead.

Stack Overflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/story/3127548

Github: https://github.com/JonasKVJ

Email: [email protected]

About: Recent Computer Science graduate, who completed two college projects where a lot of collaboration was done remotely with Slack and Github + Git. I am now hoping for an opportunity to learn, and create high-quality code in a remote environment– startups are welcome.

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