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New comment by jounijaakkola in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2019)"

Mavericks | Helsinki, Finland | ONSITE | https://mavericks.fi/

Mavericks is the end game for senior developers. In our business, only the best survive. All mavericks have long track records of delivering successful software projects in various domains. Besides exceptional technical skills, every maverick is more than capable of working closely with our customer independently. We just provide a platform for them to flourish. Would you have what it takes to be the next maverick?

Our organization is lean and the money goes to our consultants, so our customers really get the best bang for their buck. Why would anyone pay premium price for a senior developer when you could pay reasonable price for a maverick? Top developers are much more productive than average ones and we don’t spend our customer’s money in crazy design offices and extravagant lifestyle. We spend what we get in where it matters the most – our consultants.

We’re looking for all kinds of hands-on roles to help our clients with their software projects. React,Node,TypeScript,Java,Spring,Scala,Python,Clojure,Android,iOS,React Native,Flutter,AWS,GCP,Azure,Kubernetes,Terraform,Docker.

If you master some of these and have a proven track record as a software consultant, we can offer you excellent salary (7000+ / month), interesting projects and extremely flexible work environment.

Interested? Email [email protected]

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