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New comment by kaplona in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (January 2020)"

Awesense | Cleantech | Frontend Developer | Vancouver, Canada | ONSITE


Hi there! I’m moving to another city and want Awesense to find a great match for my position. The company makes hardware and software solutions for electrical utility companies. Awesense’s goal is to empower utilities so that all their decisions are data driven, their grid infrastructure is modern and reliable, and they are prepared for the clean energy future.

A few things I love about Awesense:

– It’s a small company and everyone’s voice matters. You will be a part of decision making, starting from the user problem we are trying to solve

– You are working on something big, something worthwhile, it’s not just a pay check. You can help the Planet not only in your free time!

– Power production and distribution is a fascinating and growing industry, and you are growing with it.

– Very interesting problems like API layer architecture or visualization of various data so that it brings actionable insights to a user. The Awesense application is map centric with lots of geospatial data to display. Just a slice of technologies we use: React, React Native, Python, Scala/Spark.

– Balance between business needs and technical debt, opportunities to try yourself on the backend or in other roles.

– Flexible in working hours and vacation. Have a plumber coming and need to stay at home? Not a problem. Perfect weather outside for your favourite sport? Trade that day for Saturday or ask for a late notice vacation day.

– The last but not least – amazing people! They are all great professionals and interesting personalities! It’s fun place to work and hang out after work!

Sounds like a match for you? Wanna join the team, write us a letter: https://www.awesense.com/about/front-end-engineer/

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