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New comment by karlmoritz in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (July 2020)"

Saiga | Multiple Positions | Berlin, Germany | Full-time

Hi, we are Saiga, a new company working on revolutionising the way people deal with the bureaucracy and administrative issues in their lives, founded by an ex-DeepMind researcher.

We are hiring multiple positions in Berlin including a Lead Engineer; UX/Design; Frontend; and ML Engineer. Our technology will be incredibly complex, so get in touch if you fancy a challenge. At the same time we are at an early stage, so you will get to paint on a blank (but well-funded) canvas!

More details:

– UX/Design: https://saiga.co/jobs/ux.pdf

– Lead Engineer: https://saiga.co/jobs/leng.pdf

– Frontend Engineer: https://saiga.co/jobs/feng.pdf

– ML Engineer: https://saiga.co/jobs/meng.pdf

Feel free to also ping me directly for questions at [email protected]

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