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New comment by l_perrin in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (September 2019)"

Front (YC S14) | Software Engineers | San Francisco, CA & Paris, France | ONSITE | FULL-TIME | VISA

At Front, we’re redefining work communication and collaboration with our shared inbox for teams. Front brings all of your communication channels (email, Facebook, Twitter, Twilio SMS, live chat etc.) into one place, so you can triage and assign messages, have internal conversations around them, and even sync work across other apps you use from Salesforce to GitHub, without ever leaving your inbox. Today, over 5,000 companies rely on Front to power their communications, and we’re just getting started.

We are hiring for software engineers across all parts of the stack. Apply at https://frontapp.com/jobs#openings or email us at [email protected]

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