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New comment by llamataboot in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (October 2020)"

Senior full-stack dev (lean more towards devops->backend than backend->frontend, but I can still sling some React components together and reduce your JS payload size)

I excel at figuring out how to solve problems at all levels of abstraction (including what level of abstraction you should use), getting a solution in place, and then figuring out the feedback loops to iterate on that solution. I’m the senior engineer that knows that most coding is coming to an understanding of what problem you are trying to solve. Sometimes the most impactful code is the code you don’t write. Trying to change the world, still parsing the source code. I’ve been programming on the web since 1995, had a first career as a social worker and policy statistician, and have worked full-time as a programmer for almost a decade now.

Tech keywords: Ruby, Rails, AWS, Heroku, Docker, Ansible, CI/CD, TDD

Especially enjoy API design, integrating with crappy systems, and really weird bugs

Will give you more looks if you can tell me why what you are doing makes the world better, not just makes you richer, but you’ve got to really believe it in your heart.


Email: [email protected]

Mostly seeking contract work at this time, but happy to check out remote FTE or PTE as well!

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