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New comment by magicbuzz in "Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking Freelancer? (December 2019)"

SEEKING WORK | New Zealand | Remote
Senior Front-End Engineer

I build solid web applications. I’ve been a front-end lead and I’ve shipped products that have later been sold to other companies. My portfolio includes onboarding flows, dashboards, large multipage data captures, web mapping apps, visualizations, Shopify (Polaris React) plugins, amongst others. I’m not a designer but I have UI/UX sensibilities (color impact, eye levels, etc.). My JS experience goes back to 2014 when I wrote a JS FTP/SFTP plugin for Atom and I create in modern, functional ES6+. My CSS knowledge is near encyclopaedic.

Technologies I’ve worked with: ES6+, React, Redux, NodeJS, GraphQL(Apollo), REST, D3.js, Material-UI, Leaflet, Vue.js, Postgres, SVG, Linux, NGINX, Lua, Python (pre-2016 FTE Python dev), Redux-saga, Express, Webpack, git, Netlify, Firebase, GAE, AWS, Docker, Three.js to name a few. Also interested in pure functional langauges: F#, OCaml

My timezone is 3 hrs after the west coast and 2 hrs before Sydney.

Portfolio: https://dunedin.digital

Email: [email protected]

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