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New comment by mands in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (November 2020)"

Datapane | Backend Python / Linux Engineer | London, UK | REMOTE | https://angel.co/company/datapane/jobs

Remote startup building Python-based data analytics and reporting that live in the browser – Datapane is looking for an exceptional Python / Linux backend engineer to join our team.

This includes working on backend code (primarily in Python) that spans from our web application to the rest of our cloud and on-prem architecture, including Linux containers that run our highly-available PaaS, microservices scheduling and communications, data-science processing code, and more.

For this role, you need strong Python and Linux experience, along with good knowledge of cloud architectures and (distributed) systems development, including Redis, gRPC, and Kubernetes, and be excited to pick up the new technologies and skills – for instance we use NixOS for our on-prem deployments. As a data analytics company, any knowledge of Pandas, numpy, and the associated Python data science and visualisation stack would be extremely helpful.

You should like the idea of releasing to real customers regularly, and prioritise getting a great product into users’ hands for feedback and iteration. You will have extensive scope to build and architect the backend, and grow the team in the future.

We’re fully remote, however some timezone overlap with UTC is preferable, and subscribe to the GitLab global salary calculator – https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/people-operations/global-c… .

DM or see https://angel.co/company/datapane/jobs/1041196-backend-pytho… for more info. Cheers!

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