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New comment by onedesert in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (December 2019)"

Big Blue Analytics | https://bigblueanalytics.com | Senior Systems Engineer (DevOps), Senior Software Engineer (Backend/Python), Senior Software Engineer (Frontend/React) | Barcelona, Spain | ONSITE | Full-time

Big Blue Analytics is a cloud computing company that offers a software platform on a SaaS model to support intelligent real-time decisions in the face of airline operations disruptions. We are committed to improving the efficiency of airline operations using Artificial Intelligence. We are building a proprietary technology platform to solve some of the most challenging issues that airlines are facing these days. Our SaaS solution intents on becoming the industry standard to help airlines manage their resources in order to improve their on-time performance. Our mission is to help millions of world travel passengers arrive at their destinations on time.

Jobs board: https://bigblueanalytics.com/hiring/

If you are interested, use the email on the website or find me on LinkedIn.

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