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New comment by pinouchon in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (February 2021)"

Valx | CEO | Budapest (new location TBD) | Full-time | Remote then On-site | Equity, exposure to trading strategies

I founded Valx as a way to raise money in order to create an AI research lab. We apply Deep Learning to crypto trading. We started in march 2020, invested 50k of our savings, and turned that into an 8-digit AUM. We trade 5% of binance futures volume, or about 1B usd per day on average.

Now I want to focus on assembling an AI research team. The goal is to have the trading entity (Valx) and the AI lab (Tufa) work in tandem: Valx provides funds, Tufa provides ideas and AI/ML expertise.

Today, no one wants to step at the helm of Valx, so we are looking for someone with enough skill and experience to replace me and run it.
We want someone with knowledge about ML, python, financial markets and/or crypto.
We use the following: python, pandas, flask, pytorch, jupyterlab, typescript, postgres, aws.

If interested, email me at: b.crouzier at gmail.com

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