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New comment by SpaceXcareers in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (January 2021)"

SpaceX | Software Engineering | ONSITE – Redmond, WA OR Los Angeles, CA | ITAR restrictions apply | spacex.com/careers
–Apply directly using the links below or email your resume to [email protected]

SpaceX in Redmond, WA is looking for software engineer’s to build software used to design, develop, launch, and operate a low latency, high capacity satellite broadband network for Starlink.

Location: Redmond, WA (onsite)
Senior Software Engineer (Starlink Wi-Fi): https://grnh.se/008b970f2us

Site Reliability Engineer (Service Mesh): https://grnh.se/d6f4bf432us

We’re also hiring in our headquarters in Los Angeles!

Location: Hawthorne, CA (onsite)

Senior Software Engineer (Test Infrastructure): https://grnh.se/7177634e2us

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer (Application Software): https://grnh.se/1f5a69532us

Senior Information Security Analyst (Incident Response): https://grnh.se/8501feb32us

Information Security Engineer (Windows Systems): https://grnh.se/19c440182us

Senior Network Security Engineer (Firewall): https://grnh.se/16c2ba2b2us

If you’d like to make an impact on the Starship (MARS Rocket) we’re also hiring in our Boca Chica, TX location!

Senior Software Engineer (Starship): https://grnh.se/2c2abbeb2us

Join the only company in the world that launches & lands rockets, sends humans to space, builds an interplanetary rocket, and an entire space internet constellation!

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