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New comment by stormy in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (January 2020)"

Bloomreach | Backend Engineer, Solutions Architect, Solutions Consultant | Full-time, onsite | Dallas, TX

The platform team I am part of at Bloomreach is looking for two backend engineers to join our current team of 7.

We are responsible for getting reliable and high quality digital experience data from the largest commerce brands on the internet into Bloomreach with low latency. This is the core data depended upon to power our search, recommendations, analytics, and insights systems.

Bloomreach is unique in Dallas in that we are one of only a handful of successful Silicon Valley startups with a local presence building core software products. We aren’t a legacy large enterprise, we aren’t a consulting shop, and we aren’t a fly-by night startup.


– Own and operate BloomReach’s Hadoop-based search indexing pipelines

– Build infrastructure and tools to increase automation, improve efficiency of the engineering team, and maintain technical excellence in the code base

– Write and review code, develop documentation, and debug production issues

Who you are

– You have a strong background in developer operations and reliability engineering

– You are comfortable working with and contributing to complex distributed systems, in a cloud native environment, such as AWS

– You are at home with unix, tcp/ip, the JVM, and observability systems

– You can code in at least one scripting language and one non-scripting language

– You can configure and support common applications such as Postgres, DNS, HAProxy, NFS, SFTP

The Dallas engineering office was started four years ago. The office soon expanded to nearly all other functions, including sales, marketing, professional services, customer success, and information security. Today there are total of 40 of us.

We are located at 2211 N. Lamar in the historic coffee roaster building in Victory Park, just north of Downtown, with convenient access to all transit lines and major highways. We cater lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, with a fully stocked snacks and drinks.

I’d highly encourage you to reach out directly and say hi and we can strike up a conversation: [email protected]

We also have opportunities on our professional services team as a Solutions Architect and Solutions Consultant and I’d gladly refer you to those opportunities.

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