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New comment by wongnation in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (November 2020)"

Mentor Collective | REMOTE (US-based) | Software Engineer | https://angel.co/company/mentorcollective/jobs

Mentor Collective partners with universities and learning institutions to increase graduation rates by running large scale mentorship programs (hundreds to thousands of personalized matches) to help traditionally underserved populations feel like they belong on campus.

Team context:
– Stack is Ruby/Rails, Javascript/ES6, Typescript, GraphQL + React; we’re language agnostic on hiring
– Currently 4 Sr. SWEs + VP of Engineering looking to grow to 5-6 SWEs

TL;DR this is an exciting opportunity because:
– Business fundamentals are extremely strong (90% renewal rate, >115% contract revenue renewal rate, 60-80% growth in 2020, competitive series A, regularly >70 NPS)
– The majority of your work will be on new feature development and enabling the team to achieve lofty customer-focused outcomes
– Strong culture of autonomy and accountability
– Incredible opportunity to directly impact traditionally under-served populations, such as first-generation students or women in STEM
– The Engineering team has historically been 3-4 Senior Software Engineers + VP of Engineering, so there are many opportunities for mentorship and being involved in critical parts of the company that positively affect users

Apply here: https://angel.co/company/mentorcollective/jobs/542902-senior… or reach out to me directly at [email protected]

Salary ranges, benefits, and more information on the job description above. US work authorization required. No agencies or third-parties at this time please.

It is important to us to build a diverse, honest, inclusive, kind and collaborative team. We value impact over hours worked, favor outcomes over outputs, and strive to create high-quality, high-impact code at a sustainable pace. We welcome applications from candidates with non-traditional or diverse backgrounds.

Learn more here: https://www.mentorcollective.org/join-the-team/

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