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New comment by xelxebar in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (August 2019)"

  Location: Obihiro, Japan
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
  Résumé/CV: Upon request
  Email: [email protected]
  Proficient Languages: POSIX shell (dash), bash, C (gcc), Plain/AMS TeX, make, dc (GNU bc implementation), sed
  Hobby Languages: x86_64 (GNU as), Haskell, Guile scheme, Lua
  Technologies: ELF binaries, linker (ld), loader (ld.so), shellcheck, bats, gawk, valgrind, readelf, Hakyll, objdump, git, fail2ban, snort, nginx, postfix, openkim, opendmarc, dovecot, tor, znc, prosody, gnuplot

I just exited a Ph.D. program in algebraic geometry, looking at performing differential geometry over discrete “manifolds”. In particular, I was interested in porting General Relativity to a discrete differential geometry realm. Now, I’m looking for remote work.

In broad strokes, my talents lie in three main domains. Relaying what I hear from my peers: 1) my ramp-up time on technical subjects is fast, 2) my analysis is deep and careful, and 3) my explanations of highly technical material are lucid and helpful. Words are words though, so I hope to find a team with lots of opportunities for growth, and where my natural talents are useful and appreciated.

On the DevOps side, I have a relatively comprehensive understanding of Linux as an OS, having used Linux primarily since middle school. These days, I pretty much live in the command line and (finally) have the background to rely primarily on man/info pages and source code for my documentation needs, without resorting to blogs or wiki pages.

Finally, I love math. I find it beautiful, exhilarating, not to mention useful. Regardless of day job, I find myself spending a good bit of my free time studying algebra, geometry, and their intersection. This interest spills over into languages like Haskell and Scheme, hardware execution models, and even the Linux kernel.

I would flourish in R&D or any position that can use an overabudance of curiosity and a scrutinizing eye.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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