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NuCypher (YC S16) is hiring a lead engineer to help build a new cryptosystem

NuCypher is a cryptography company that builds privacy-preserving infrastructure and protocols.

A successful candidate does not need to have prior experience in cryptography as they will work very closely with a cryptographer to build out the system. However, they should be a quick learner and comfortable around math (e.g. linear algebra, probability, number theory).

A successful candidate will lead engineering for the new open-source cryptographic product from the ground up. They will work on problems at the forefront of cryptography and have a leadership role in design decisions of the system. As such, competency in algorithms and low-level design is a must. An interest in compilers and/or optimization would be nice to have. Given the nature of an early stage product, a successful candidate should work in a fast and iterative style when it comes to prototyping. They will be be motivated by solving tough open-ended problems. Additionally, they should be highly comfortable working in a system programming language such as C or Rust (whether through work experience or side projects).

We offer competitive compensation and a highly flexible working environment (remote-first, headquartered in San Francisco).


  * Design and build the core infrastructure of a new cryptographic system (alongside a cryptographer);
  * Lead the engineering side of the product;
  * Implement cryptographic primitives (including zero-knowledge proofs and fully homomorphic encryption) and write robust, security-first code that will run in high-risk, adversarial environments;
  * Contribute to research;
  * Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes.


  * Proficient in a system programming language such as C or Rust (also open to those proficient in a functional programming language);
  * Competency in algorithms and low-level design;
  * Confidence working with multiple programming languages;
  * Comfortable around math;
  * Excellent communication skills and the ability to explain complex technical issues to a non-technical audience.

Bonus Points:

  * Math background and/or strong interest in math;
  * Background in compilers and/or optimization;
  * Familiarity with applied cryptography and advanced cryptographic concepts like lattice-based cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs;
  * Experience with designing and/or implementing large-scale distributed systems;
  * Any experience, professional or amateur, working in security engineering, appsec, or other information security roles is a plus (hackers are welcome!).

Please send your CV and a code sample you’re proud of to [email protected]

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