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NuCypher (YC S16) – Rust Software Engineer – Remote – Full Time

NuCypher is building a distributed threshold cryptography network based on the Ethereum blockchain. (https://nucypher.com/). We launched our main product offering which leverages Proxy Re-Encryption to offer decentralized access control in October 2020.

We’re looking for a rust developer who has a keen interest in cryptocurrency and distributed systems to work on a new product offering. You will be a core member of the team working on bleeding edge cryptocurrency technology. As such, this role is ripe for an ambitious person to help lead engineering efforts and make a dent in the space. We understand that finding experienced folks in this niche category of development is rare, so don’t let your lack of experience prevent you from applying – there’s a beginning to all journeys – all we ask is that you have a sharp ability to learn quickly.

Bonus points for experience with Tendermint or have contributed meaningfully in the cryptocurrency space before.

Email [email protected] to begin the conversation. No recruiters please.

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