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October 2019 SEO Updates – HTML Sitemaps not worthwhile for SEO?

October 2019 SEO Updates

It’s October but in this SEO update, we will be diving into the changes seen with the release of September Core Update last Tuesday, other Google announcements, and provide you with the usual awesome SEO tips.

So let’s begin!

  1. Algorithm Updates
  2. Google Announcements
  3. SERP Updates

Algorithm Updates

04/10/2019 – 10 Days After Google Core Quality Update

Google announced a core quality update which started to roll out on September 24, 2019. Here’s the announcement.

Now it’s been 10 days and according to Marie Haynes, this appears to be a fairly significant update, affecting many verticals but in particular eCommerce, health, and legal websites.

Among her clients, the sites which had show improvement were those that made changes related to improving their trustworthiness (T in E-A-T), improving technical aspects on their site, and trimming out thin content.

This seems to be aligned with the blog that Google has linked to, regarding “What Webmasters should know about Google’s core updates”.

But if you are short on time, here are the main points:

Google Announcments

01/10/2019 – John Mueller strongly advice against using M-dot sites

Although Google has always strongly recommended sites to use responsive designed but John Mueller has recently adviced staying away from m-dots websites as a strong recommendation. Here’s the Tweet.

In the tweet, Mueller had only said that this will make things easier, but to further elaborate — mobile-dedicated websites are designed under a separate URL (eg m.site.com) and are completely distinct from the full site, which dispersed your website traffic and SEO, which is what makes responsive websites a better choice.

02/10/2019 – HTML Sitemaps not worthwhile for SEO?

Google’s John Mueller posted on Reddit that he agrees that HTML sitemaps are not worthwhile for SEO purposes.

Still Worth Making HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemaps has always been seen as an important part of SEO, like almost forever since 2009 when Matt Cutts picked HTML Sitemaps over XML Sitemaps.

Then again, ten years have passed and like Mueller said if Google cannot crawl your website through normal navigation, then you might have bigger issues. Still, on a consensus from the team in SEOPressor, we think an HTML sitemap is still something better to have than not.

SERP Updates

02/10/2019 – Google featured Snippet Image Carousel to show more Results

All this while, we have been Google testing different variations of SERP results, and this time Google is showing image carousels in the featured snippet position. We are not sure if it is entirely new, but for us it is and here’s the snap shot.

Featured Snippet Image Carousel

The image carousel is above the usual featured snippet of “Technical SEO Checklist”

We are not sure if Google is going to roll this out, but if they do — this will shift a great weightage to Image SEO.

That is it for this week’s SEO updates, remember to stay tuned next week as we bring you more weekly SEO news you should keep an eye out for.

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