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Online Video Marketing

Why You Need To Be Video Marketing

The obvious short answer is that it works!

Video marketing is hot because the majority of people prefer to watch content online rather than read it. And this trend continues to grow.

In fact, according to Syndacastvideo content will soon (by 2017) make up 74% of all internet traffic.

As an internet marketer, this is a trend you must jump on if you haven’t already done so. I would go as far as to say that any internet marketer that ignores video risks getting left behind. You need to be using Video Sales Letters (VSL)!

Here are some video marketing angles to get you started…

Video Marketing Strategies

  1. Teach: Show your audience how to solve problems with simple step-by-step tutorials. This allows you to demonstrate your expertise and build trust simultaneously.
  2. Entertain: Have some fun and let our audience inside your life and share your experiences and personal stories. Personal connections go a long ways toward building long-term relationships and trust.
  3. Q&A: Ask your audience what they’re most interested in learning or the most pressing problems they’re facing. This will ensure you’re delivering the content they want. You can do this easily with free tools such as surveymonkey. Then just turn it into a simple video.
  4. Product Reviews: Write a review of a product or service that would interest your audience and then use your affiliate link to monetize it.
  5. Case Studies: Make a short video showing real results from real strategies. They don’t even have to be your own case studies. And you have the option to share case studies from both successes and failures. 
  6. Debunk Myths: Discuss common myths related to your topic and set the record straight on those myths.

Videos are the most accessed content on the internet but how do you get started making your own?

Video Marketing Roadblocks

Video marketing will give you the best bang for your buck in delivering your sales messages. But unfortunately making your own videos has traditionally been a real pain in the butt. You can certainly pay somebody else to create some engaging videos for you but that can get very expensive. 

But now there’s good news…

How To Get Started With Online Video Marketing

New technology has made the video creation part easy. Specifically, some revolutionary Video Sales Letter templates that take all of the pain out of the process. The best part? It costs about the same as a decent dinner out:

The just-released VSL Plus package allows you to create your own professional-quality Video Sales Letters in just minutes. It’s an enormous package that includes full scripts & 600+ assets for you to start making some killer converting videos.

Check It Out In Action Here

VSL PLUS PRO helps you create all these within minutes:

[+] Corporate & Explainer Videos
[+] High Conversions Rate Video Sales Letters
[+] Unique Marketing Videos
[+] Instagram Videos
[+] Instagram Stories Videos

VSL PLUS PRO deserves my highest recommendation.

Go check out the demo for yourself!

Not Convinced?

With the VSL TEMPLATES PLUS you don’t have to spend time thinking about creating catchy scripts for
your Marketing Video. No more HIRING expensive copywriters, either! Now, you can put your precious time and money to better use.

You may already have tons of video templates or video software products that claim they can help you create a sophisticated video within minutes, in 3 simple clicks, or any other “too good to be true” taglines.

But let’s be realistic here, do those videos really boost your conversions?? Marketing Gurus agree that: YES, a good video will help attracting leads and increasing the number of prospective customers

But, what will seal the deal and boost your conversions? A GOOD SCRIPT. YES!! An effective, engaging and proven script WILL almost IMMEDIATELY SEAL THE DEAL. And hey, no fuss, no hassles: EVERYTHING is DONE FOR YOU!!

Wait, if a good video and a good script will only “almost Immediately” seal the deal, what would be the other KEY FACTOR to secure an immediate – EVEN BETTER – REAL TIME conversion????
VISUAL ATTRACTIVENESS! Let’s be honest here, nobody will watch a BORING SALES VIDEO.

NOBODY. That’s why YOU NEED enough video assets to create an ATTRACTIVE MARKETING VIDEO. But where do you find attractive video assets??? No worries, thousands of VIDEO ASSETS
have been prepared in the VSL PLUS PRO package. And again, you don’t have to pay extra money or spend extra time.

Once you apply some of the assets from this collection to your video and combine it with catchy, effective, true-and-tested scripts, THE CONVERSIONS will BOOST up to 500%! Immediately – IN REAL TIME!

Check It Out In Action Here

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