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Press Release Featured on Reuters: Our Experiences with VC News Network

Press Release Featured on Reuters: Our Experiences with VC News Network

Press Release Featured on Reuters: Our Experiences with VC News Network

Just recently, on 17th June 2019, we’ve been featured on Reuters. To be specific, it was our plugin update announcement press release. Can’t believe it? See it for yourself; clicking on the image below will open the announcement in a new tab.

We got featured on Reuters!!

What’s the big deal? For those of you who do not know who Reuters is, let me introduce.

    Who is Reuters?

    Founded on October 1851, Reuters has a history of 167 years. It has nearly 200 locations around the world. Reuters is now the world’s largest international news organization reaching more than one billion people everyday.

    Reuters news covers various categories including Business, Markets and Finance, World News, Technology and many more.

    They offer the latest news in 15 regional editions such as France, Spain, Russia, and China. The news is also in 12 regional specific languages.

    According to SimilarWeb, Reuters’ global rank compared to all other sites is 1,012 and in the United States, they are ranked number 415. Also, their total visits is around 60 million a month.

    Now that’s a big deal!

    Reuters' Homepage

    Reuters’ Homepage

The Impact of Being Featured on VC News Network and Reuters

Yes. You read that correctly. I mentioned VC News Network here. You must be wondering who VC News Network is. Here is what VCNN is all about:

    Who is VC News Network?

    VC News Network is a news site we have decided to use to boost our plugin update announcement. The news site was founded in the year 2016. Its focus is on business and startup news.

    Their news covers 4 key areas:

  • Business Announcements
  • Startup News
  • Funding Rounds
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Our press release featured on VC News Network homepage.

As Reuters is an authoritative site, it is relatively easy for their website to rank for any keywords on the search engine. Early on, when we first published our update announcement, our website did not get the first few spots on the search engine.

Reuters’ website, however, ranked first within 6 hours.

Reuters’ news ranked first for “SEOPressor v6.3”

Thanks to the high ranking Reuters press release of our announcement and also perhaps the huge amount of daily visits to their website, we managed to see a spike in traffic on our update announcement blog post page views.

Note: Click on the image to enlarge.

    This is what it looked like on Google Analytics after our press release on our update announcement appeared on VC News Network and Reuters [16th June 2019 to 19th June 2019].

    Almost 200 people clicked on the link and visit SEOPressor on the very first day!

The number of people visiting our blog from Reuters is impressive enough, but it’s not everyone who’s reading from VC News Network and Reuters will click the link to our site right?

Let’s assume that the click-through-rate is only 10%, that means its read by nearly 2000 people in one day! What about those who only saw the headline but never actually click in to read it? The number must be even more impressive!

Also, thanks to the traffic we received from the two sources, our update announcement blog post managed to rank first for “SEOPressor V6.3”. What a difference they make!

From being nowhere to being in the first spot on Google!

So, how did we get our press release on Reuters?

We, the members of Team SEOPressor Connect, were surprised ourselves when we saw our plugin update announcement press release on Reuters.

Here’s our journey and experiences of getting featured on VC News Network and Reuters:

It is fairly obvious that a plugin update announcement tends to get lower page views. They are significantly lower as compared to blog posts.

The team then decided to boost its visibility, and at the same time, test the effectiveness of a press release.

After thorough research, the team decided to collaborate with VC News Network in our mission to reach more people. Why VC News Network?

2 reasons:
1. We saw there were other small businesses sending their press release to them
2. We noticed that some of the press releases were featured on Reuters.

So, we wrote a press release on our update announcement: [Announcement] SEOPressor Connect v6.3 With Improved PHP 7 Compatibility.

We added the link of our update announcement blog post in the press release. The link is used to track its page views and effectiveness, using Google Analytics.

We then sent an email directly to VC News Network to discuss getting our press release on their site. Everything went well and we proceeded to submit our press release to them.

Our press release was published on VC News Network on 17th June 2019 at 10:00 am UTC.

But, things didn’t end there.

Hours later, on the same day, Reuters picked up our press release to be featured on their website! And the rest is history.

From what we understand, our announcement was featured in the press release section of Reuters, which is separated from the editorial articles category. But it still proved to show an immense boost to our online visibility.

Perfect representation of my team and I!


    To sum it up, here is how we got our press release on Reuters:

  1. We contacted VC News Network directly through email for an inquiry. (Here’s the email to their press release team: [email protected])
  2. The discussion with VC News Network went on well and our press release went live on 17th June 2019
  3. On the same day, we found out our press release was featured on Reuters

The reason why we’re writing this article is that we believe good things are meant to be shared. We’ve had a great experience with VC News Network and are extremely satisfied with the results they’ve helped us achieve.

We can also conclude that sending out a press release is effective and does help in SEO. This was proven when our update announcement blog post ranked first after sending out the press release. We’ve also enjoyed an increase in traffic to our website.

Guess who’s sending out more press releases in the future? 😉 Are you planning to send out press releases but you’re not sure where to start? Leave your question down below and I will try my best to assist you!

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