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Professional Laptop Repair Now Being Offered in Katy Texas by Local IT Support Firm

Professional Laptop Repair Now Being Offered in Katy Texas by Local IT Support Firm

Laptop Repair Katy

Online PR News – 14-June-2017 – While the mobility that comes with a laptop offers a large amount of utility not found in a regular desktop, it also comes paired with a higher level of fragility that often leads to a greater need for repair. Sometimes it can be a small and easy thing such as a missing ac adapter, but occasionally all that bumping and moving leads to internal damage that can render the laptop beyond repair.

One of the most frequent (and potentially serious) issues that arise with laptops is the case of a dying a hard drive. Most hard drives utilize spinning disks that operate at high RPMs, often spinning at rates between 6000 and 8000 revolutions per minute. If the laptop is moving while the hard drive is operating, the resulting vibrations will damage the internal storage components, leading to bad sectors and a potential loss of data. Replacing the hard drive is a simple process, however many people dont have backups of the data, potentially losing precious family photos or business documents. In dire situations, experienced technicians may be able to recover data, but it can be a difficult and arduous process.

A similarly frequent, but less arduous of a repair is the laptop screen repair. Screen damage can occur through a large variety of methods, from pets knocking objects off tables to headphones being left on the keyboard when the laptop closes. Fortunately, the repair process is a simple one and can be completed within hours as long as the screen is in stock

Power Jack failure is another common occurrence that can render a laptop completely dead. Often mistaken for battery failure, it normally occurs due to physical damage near the charging input. Heavy pressure from sitting at a bad angle or being forcefully pulled out can disconnect a small connecting piece from the motherboard, leaving the laptop completely unable to charge. Resolving the issue can be a difficult process, as the technician has to strip the laptop down to motherboard level to repair the parts involved. However, as long as the part is in stock this repair can often be completed within a few days

Fortunately for laptop users in the Katy-Houston area, a well-regarded computer repair store, Impress Computers, fields a local storefront and a variety of experienced technicians that can take care of all these issues. Over the last 15 years in the Houston area, Impress has garnered hundreds of happy reviews that average out to about a 4.8-star rating. For any individual with a laptop issue, Impress is the place to go.

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