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RemoveSlander.com Release 3 Steps To Protect Your Privacy From Trump Bill S.J.Res. 34

RemoveSlander.com Release 3 Steps To Protect Your Privacy From Trump Bill S.J.Res. 34

RemoveSlander.com release 3 way to protect your online privacy from internet search providers.

Online PR News – 13-April-2017 – The CEO of RemoveSlander.com says the Trump Administration has just made it a lot easier for annoying mugshot websites to gain access to booking photos, and arrests information. CEO Tyronne Jacques said over the past 36 months his firm started to see a decline in the number of third party mugshot websites, however in recent weeks since President Trump signed S.J.Res.34, there has been a spike in the number of new sites appearing in Google, sites with no removal option.

How S.J.Res. 34 Leaves You Exposed?

On March 28, 2017, President Donald Trump signed into law S.J.Res. 34, which nullifies the Federal Communications Commission’s final rule titled Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunication Services. Previously under the Obama Administration, several protections were put in place to limit internet service providers like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo from selling information like browser history, and search results but the Trump Administration has just removed all of those protections with one swoop of his presidential pen.

In a recent interview with the CEO of RemoveSlander.com, he says all of the progress that was achieved in the banishing of 3rd party websites that monetize public records have been tossed out of the window, leaving arrested individuals exposed with zero right to privacy. Arrest information has just doubled in value for data mining servicing seeking to sell public records to lead generating services similar to those patronized by Attorneys.

The signing of S.J.Res.34 symbolizes the return of the Wild Wild West in terms of Internet Privacy, and the right to be forgotten. President Trump has just legalized the Big Brother scenario thus empowering service providers to profit from everything published about you online, including your mugshot photo.

Tyronne Jacques went on to say that there is no such thing anymore as privacy especially when it comes to public records, therefore if you have concerns about photos and links appearing online, then the time is now to delete as much of your search history as possible.
My firm was the first to offer search history removal long before the emergence of mugshot websites, as a matter of fact in 2010 there was only one site in Florida that published booking photos. Fast forward to 2017; there are now dozens of websites profiting from the republishing of public records. This new bill signed into law has just rendered all State Legislation attempting to reform the abuse of Transparency Laws irrelevant.

The CEO of RemoveSlander.com suggested three steps you can take today that would help in guarding your sensitive information against Internet service providers.

1. Create profiles with pseudonyms to protect your birth name from information contained in your search history. This new bill gives internet service providers the right to sell the content in your emails without your permission, therefore creating a pseudonym will add the first layer of privacy.

2. Be mindful not to visit sites that could eventually prove embarrassing if there is ever a hack, like the one witnessed at Yahoo in 2016, and Dolly Madison in 2015. The internet has changed which means that your search behavior also has to change if youre logged into Google or Yahoo using your birth name.

3. Finally, attack humiliating links on the first page of your Google search results with a relentless vengeance. Many people have the misconception that negative items will naturally expire or fade away over time, this is far from reality. The truth about malicious websites like Whopostedbail.org and Florida.Arrests.org is those links will remain at the top of your search results until steps are taken to have them deleted.

CEO Tyronne Jacques went on to say that your arrest information is very valuable to companies who profit off ad revenue. With the passage of S.J.Res.34 there is now zero incentive for mugshot websites to remove content published about your arrests because, that booking information could prove more valuable to a DUI Attorney in need of leads.

A fourth and final tip the CEO of RemoveSlander.com shared with us is you have the right to protect yourself from the internet. That right includes hiring a firm like RemoveSlander.com to target and remove any link that is a violation of your privacy. The CEO of RemoveSlander.com suggest that a great starting point to gather as much information about published mugshots is to search Google and add the word Mugshot to the end of your name. In doing so, he says that Google or Yahoo will return results that best match and give you the opportunity to target for removal all of the mugshot links at once.

About Internet Publicist RemoveSlander.com

Founded in 2009 as a Cyber Bully protection firm, RemoveSlander.com has assisted thousands of clients in protecting their search history from Internet Service Providers and Third Party Data Mining Websites. In 2012 RemoveSlander.com provided expert analysts for ABC World News in their coverage of the Rising Mugshot Industry. Based out of New Orleans Louisiana and still privately own, RemoveSlander.com has perfected the art of removing embarrassing links and photos from the internet as well as the promotion of positive publicity for their clients.

Always keep in mind that your name is your brand, and just like large corporations protect their brand with PR Firms, you too have that same right to hire an Internet Publicist like RemoveSlander.com. He concluded.

If you are someone you know is concerned about internet service providers selling personal information and would like to protect your online privacy simply visit RemoveSlander.com


“Always keep in mind that your name is your brand, and just like large corporations protect their brand with PR Firms, you too have that same right to hire an Internet Publicist like RemoveSlander.com.”

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