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Running a PeerFly Offer with TONIC Zero Click Traffic

I have received a lot of questions about a traffic source I recently recommended so I thought it would be beneficial to do a quick guide and explain how to to run a PeerFly offer with TONIC’s zero click traffic.

TONIC is a traffic marketplace (ad network) where you can buy zero click and pop traffic.

I prefer to run the zero click domain traffic because it seems to convert better. It’s called zero click traffic because when someone goes to one of the domains in TONIC’s network, they are automatically redirected to the offer you are advertising. The visitor is not required to click an ad.

So, let’s take a look at how you can setup a PeerFly offer directly linking to your affiliate link and start getting traffic and conversions from TONIC!

TONIC ad network

The first step is creating a TONIC advertiser account. You can find their advertiser registration form here.

Once you’re signed up and have made your first deposit ($100 minimum), you’re ready to create your first zero click campaign.

Choosing an Offer to Run on TONIC

We have over 700 affiliate offers at PeerFly that you can run on TONIC.

TONIC’s zero click traffic is considered PPV by our standards, so you can sort through all the offers available simply by typing PPV in the search offers box at the top of every page on PeerFly or by going to our Browse Offers page and select PPV as your marketing method.

Most of the campaigns I run on TONIC are mobile and I like to run the 1 or 2 click flow offers for international countries.

Browse through our PPV offers on PeerFly and pick a few to test for your first campaigns.

Once you have your offers ready, it’s time to setup your campaign on TONIC.

TONIC - Setup Zero Click Campaign

Creating a Zero Click Campaign on TONIC

One of the recent improvements to TONIC is their advertiser user interface. The new campaign creation process is very easy to use and you can setup a new campaign in minutes.

Here is the basic criteria for each campaign:

  • Country – You can target one geo at a time with your Zero Click campaigns on TONIC. Choose the country that your offer allows. If it allows more than 1 geo, select one country to test and then create a campaign for the others you want to test.
  • Campaign Type – I run RON campaigns 99% of the time and then optimize based on source, but you can choose to run a keyword or category campaign as well.
  • Traffic Category – Most of the campaigns I run on TONIC are non-adult, but if you have a good adult offer you want to try, you can choose to run adult traffic specifically.
  • Device Targeting – My campaigns are usually for mobile offers, but I have had some successful desktop campaigns on TONIC as well.
  • Browsers – I will normally optimize based on browser after I have found sources that work (a deeper optimization), but you can select specific browsers you want to get traffic from.
  • Tablet Options – Unless a mobile offer specifically allows tablets, I do not include them.
  • Mobile OS Targeting – For most offers, I will accept all mobile targeting OS options until after I have received traffic and then optimize based on what OS is performing best. If the offer you are running only allows a certain OS (Android or iOS only) then you can select that operating system and remove the others.
  • Carriers – The 1 click flow offers I have been running usually only allow specific carriers. If you are running a desktop campaign, you will not need to worry about this.
  • Date Settings – I usually “Just Run It”
  • Weekly Schedule – I usually “Just Run It”
  • Budget – I usually “Just Run It” and then will budget based on the traffic if needed.
  • Campaign Name – I will usually just put the offer ID from PeerFly for the campaign name.

A really cool feature TONIC has is that while you are making adjustments to your camapign setup, the expected uniques/month number on the right side of the page will update telling you the overall amount of traffic you could expect based on your criteria. Your bid will determine your actual traffic volume, but it’s nice to have a general idea of how much traffic TONIC has for the criteria that you are setting up.

You can also use their Traffic Estimator tool to get this same data prior to setting up your campaign if you are researching different offers in different geos.

The next (and final step) to creating your campaign is entering your bid information and the offer URL.

Bidding for Traffic on TONIC

Step 2 in the campaign creation process on TONIC is setting your bid per redirect and entering your redirect (offer) URL.

Depending on the geo you have selected for your campaign, the average CPC will fluctuate based on the current bidders for that traffic in TONIC.

TONIC Bidding

I usually start my bidding pretty low. In the example above, I started it at $0.001. That means that for every “click” (redirect) my affiliate link receives, I only have to pay $0.001.

As your campaign runs, you’ll be able to see if you should increase or decrease your bid based on the traffic you receive.

One of the really nice things about TONIC is that is it fairly cheap and it’s also fairly easy to optimize. If I have a few sources giving me conversions, I can setup a campaign specifically for those sources, increase my bid, and capture a majority of the traffic and scale to increase profit.

At $0.001 per redirect, I am only paying $1 for 1,000 clicks. That’s a really nice test with a lot of data for $1.

Below your bid, you enter your Redirect URL. The Redirect URL is simply your affiliate link from PeerFly.

You’ll see that below the Redirect URL box is a list of the variables (tokens) that TONIC supports:

  • [carrier]
  • [country]
  • [cpc]
  • [match]
  • [mob_pf]
  • [sourceid]

They have more information on the these parameters in their FAQ, but the two I use for my mobile campaigns are [sourceid] and [carrier].

The [sourceid] will pass the domain source in TONIC that I am getting the traffic from. They have a ton of different sources and it’s very important you can include the source ID as a SubID in your PeerFly affiliate link so you can optimize based on the sources you receive traffic from.

I also use the [carrier] in my PeerFly affiliate link so that I can optimize based on carrier if the offer allows traffic from multiple carriers.

PeerFly - TONIC SubIDs Macros Variables

To include the variables as SubIDs in your PeerFly affiliate link, simply copy and paste them into the SubID boxes on the offer page (shown above).

Then, copy and paste your affiliate link from PeerFly into the Redirect URL box on TONIC. Click Save and Start Campaign and you’re all set!

Once you start getting traffic, you will start to see clicks in your PeerFly Reports. You can run a report for a specific offer you have setup on TONIC and then group by the different SubIDs you have setup in your affiliate link.

In the example above, I passed the [sourceid] into s1 of my PeerFly link so if I group by s1, I can see the different sources I am getting traffic from on TONIC.

PeerFly TONIC Source SubID Report

This is a new campaign so I do not have a lot of traffic yet, but you can see I’m already getting a nice amount from the top few sources and once I start getting conversions, it’ll be able to easily see which sources they’re coming from so I can optimize.

Creating and optimizing a campaign in TONIC with offers from PeerFly is easy. The reports on PeerFly will make it easy to optimize your campaigns and the cheap traffic from TONIC makes it an ideal traffic source to test.

Give TONIC a shot and let me know what you think.

Let’s make some money!

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