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Segment is hiring a fullstack engineer to build our developer platform

Hey HN,

I’m Calvin, one of the co-founders of Segment. We’re looking for a senior engineer to help us build out our developer platform.

Up until this year, Segment has been an easy way to connect all of your data. But today, we’re starting a new chapter.

We’re starting to open up our data infrastructure to let other companies build upon our platform. We want you to come help and create the tools to make sending, receiving, and managing data at scale a pure delight.

Concretely, we’re working on:

    - infrastructure which allow users to upload custom pieces of code that process hundreds of thousands of RPS
    - a powerful online IDE for users to craft their own custom functions
    - new superpowers to combine, modify, and transform data coming through the pipeline
    - new customer-facing APIs for accessing and controlling data as it passes through our pipeline

If you’re interested in APIs, distributed systems, a magical on-line editing experience, and building a platform for other users, please apply here: https://segment.com/jobs/1812086/

To give you a flavor of the sorts of work we do:

    - https://segment.com/blog/introducing-centrifuge/ (infra)
    - https://segment.com/blog/new-data-visibility-features/ (product)
    - https://segment.com/blog/partners-integrate-in-hours-not-weeks/ (product, you'd be helping make these tools even better)
    - https://segment.com/blog/use-filters-to-control-the-data-flowing-to-your-favorite-tools/ (product)

If you have questions, feel free to email me as well. I’m calvin at segment. We’re hiring in the US and Vancouver.

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