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SEO in 2020: Are You Using SEO Tools Like Ahrefs, SEMRush or Moz? You Might Want To Read This.

BIQ is the world's first SEO suite that democratizes its pricing

Are You Subscribed To Any SEO Tools?
Yes or No, This Is An Article You Won’t Want To Miss.

Have you ever wished you had known a genie for SEO?

The kind of genie that can help you find specific answers to our most difficult SEO questions?

Lucky for all of us, the team from SEOPressor managed to get ahold of something extremely beneficial to all of us SEOs, weeks ago.

Which is why I’m going all out in writing this post today.

Now, you probably clicked on this article because you’re not entirely happy with your current SEO progress. Or you’re actively searching for an alternative tool from the one you are currently subscribed to right now.

One way or the other, this article will answer the following questions:

  • How can this alternative be better than the conventional SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz?
  • What is the unique value proposition of this tool?
  • What are the things you can get out of this tool?
  • Why is this the most comfortable tool you’ll ever encounter?

This article is a collection of my thoughts to help you maximize your efforts in scaling your SEO. It’s never meant to be a comparison of tools but a genuine exposure to an advanced tool.

How It All Began

Approximately 2 weeks ago, the team from SEOPressor received an email requesting for a collaboration with us. According to their partnership manager, Quintus, SEOPressor came to mind as the brand they’d wished to partner up with after closely following our progress in the SEO market.

After several rounds of discussion with my Project Manager, I thought it would be a great idea to boost awareness and break into new markets. We always believe in serving all of you in your best interests, so why not collaborate and work on something everyone will get a lot of value of?

And of course, SEOPressor was given the exclusive VIP invitation to try out the tool before anyone else did. That’s how I’ve gotten the first-hand experience to try out this intelligent tool.

Oh right, before I get hyped writing about all the amazing things found in this new tool…

The name of this genie is BiQ.
(Read on for an interesting story behind this name!)

At its current stage, the BiQ team is pleased to inform you that they are currently open for their closed beta access. Users (by invitation only) are encouraged to join in early and take advantage of this huge growth opportunity!

I’ve interviewed Quintus over a course of two days and jotted down all the details needed to provide as much information as I can in this blog.

Let’s get down to the very basic, shall we?

Demystifying BiQ’s Background

According to Quintus, BiQ, short for Business Intelligent Quotient, started from a calculator.
Yes, that device you use when you need to perform calculations!

It began in early 2017 when Quintus, along with three other colleagues were calculating the sales efficiency of their new startup company then. They make up a small group of experienced Digital Marketers and IT Specialists.

Things took a turn when they found out that they were spending thousands every month for different SEO tools handling different functions, with little return on investment (ROI).

Try working this math out yourself and you’ll realize that on a long-term basis, that’s a lot of money spent! Everyone in the company knows an immediate action has to be taken. Meetings were held several times a week and countless hours were spent brainstorming for that one golden idea.

BiQ is an SEO suite that lets you pay only for what you use

Not sure if you believe it but hard work pays off! Fast forward to one week later, the idea of having an advanced tool; one that’ll provide users with fair tool usage and equal opportunities for everyone alike was born!

The concept started with wanting to come up with something that feels BIG. Coincidently on 619 (June 19), the team realized 619 looked like the word “BiQ” and Business iQ sounds exactly like what they wanted to achieve.

And there you have it, a brief story behind the existence of BiQ.

BiQ Prioritizes Issues And Features The Market Needs

After doing extensive research on the market; gathering information, carrying out surveys, doing competitor’s analysis and asking for feedback, one major issue most marketers were facing caught their attention.

SEO Tools are Expensive BiQ

Their concerns were mainly revolving around costs. Well, it still is.

Now, BiQ enters the market trying to solve and help marketers overcome this issue. One thing’s for sure, it is created to be different than the conventional SEO tools.

Ask yourself this, are you willing to pay for an entire suite of tools for the price you are currently paying? Well, as a marketer myself, I can relate to the fact that most of us are forced to pay a huge sum for one of two features we DO use.

But there’s nothing much we can do right? It’s in a plan and is being packaged that way, anyway. So we can only abide by their pricing and pay a costly sum each month. But…


Coming across BiQ changed the landscape of these traditional SEO tools that we subscribe to. No more paying for an entire suite for features you may not need because BiQ promises to give cost control back to the hands of us, marketers and SEOs. This is also the reason why BiQ will be the most comfortable tool you’ll ever encounter.

That’s because; You pay for what you use.

I like how they’ve featured this tagline on their landing page, “You should pay only for what you use, and don’t pay for what you don’t use”. I was thrilled to learn that I won’t be needing to pay hundreds or thousands a month for only two features that I am actively using!

BiQ aims to be the best, giving you the ultimate freedom to pay what you want. They are like Amazon Web Services for SEO tools, where pricing is democratized.

BiQ’s Delivery Stages

As you already know, the BiQ team is building an SEO suite that is set to revolutionize the SEO market. Here’s what you can expect from them in the coming stages:

BiQs Timeline For Closed Beta Access

    Mid-November (Queue For Closed Beta Launch Begins)

  • Get exclusively invited to the loop
  • The higher the referrals, the better the chance to seize early access

    Early January (Closed Beta Officially Launches!)

  • Be the first to access all the unreleased features
  • Email us at [email protected] about the bugs you encounter
  • Participate in the weekly survey

    Early March (Full-Power Public Release)

  • The shining and polished BiQ with the freshest SEO features
  • Available to everyone with pricing that you can control
  • Free access to former beta testers winners
  • Have your name appearing as one of BiQ’s “Founding Members”

Breakdown Of Each Module In Detail

BiQs 6 main core features

BiQ is made up of 6 core modules that cover every aspect of SEO.

It emphasizes on features like keyword intelligence, content intelligence, link intelligence, rank intelligence, markup intelligence, site intelligence, and more! All of which are designed to help your business excel in terms of ranks, traffic, and conversion.

Here’s an overview of what makes BiQ extra awesome.

BiQs keyword intelligenceKeyword Intelligence

  • Generate Semantically Related Keywords (LSI)
  • BiQ gives you accurate keyword suggestions that are semantically related to your target keyword. Use them in your content to help search engines understand your content better. Sprinkling relevant LSI keywords in your content will also make it easier and more likely to rank.

  • Conduct Keyword Research For Local SEO
  • BiQ will help you to dominate your niche wherever you are located. Is your target audience in Los Angeles, Italy, Mumbai or Brisbane? BiQ’s got you covered.

  • Decipher Your Customer’s Behavior With Keyword Intent Analysis
  • Using BiQ’s rule-based machine-learning algorithm, it helps to predict the real intention of each keyword. Knowing your customer’s intent is the key to create content that they will want to read and turn them into your loyal followers.

    + 10 More in https://biq.cloud/closed-beta-invite/

    BiQ's content intelligence iconContent Intelligence

  • Receive AI-Guided Content Optimization Steps
  • BiQ’s AI-guidance ensures consistency in brand, message, and style across all types of content. This approach also shows you ways to make further improvements that’ll deliver incredibly powerful content at scale.

  • Measure The SEO Value Of Each Paragraph
  • To make sure your content is on the right track for all aspects, BiQ allows you to gain insights into which paragraph can you delete/modify/optimize. What a catch!

  • Always Write With The Right Tone With Sentiment Analysis
  • At BiQ, users are allowed to redefine sentiment if they believe that it has been wrongfully categorized. Powered by BiQ’s deep neural network, the sentiment analysis grades your writing into 8 categories (no tone, anger, fear, joy, sadness, analytical, confident, or tentative).

    + 7 More in https://biq.cloud/closed-beta-invite/

    Link intelligence BiQ featureLink Intelligence

  • Visualize & Optimize Your Link Structure
  • Trying to understand a staggering amount of links can be overwhelming at times. BiQ Link Mapping simplifies your sophisticated website’s link structure into a noticeable & easily digestible visual map.

  • Measure The Exact Link Value Of Each link
  • It is important to find out the link or anchor relevancy to know which irrelevant link to drop and which are the links to keep in your pages. This is done by calculating the contextual similarity between each page using BiQ’s Link Relevancy Rater.

  • Find & Fix All Broken Links
  • BiQ’s link intelligence enables you to check if there are any broken links on your website and suggest you to fix them immediately. Keep your site in tip-top shape by identifying gaps and deficiencies in your links effortlessly.

    + 8 More in https://biq.cloud/closed-beta-invite/

    BiQ Rank intelligence iconRank Intelligence

  • Uncover Your Hidden Ranking Potential
  • Daily ranking crawls will provide real-time exploration at your fingertips to unleash the power of your ranking data – exclusive to BiQ.

  • Identify Featured Snippets Opportunities Of Your Site
  • BiQ helps you in locating opportunities to capture featured snippets so that you can be the one answer to your customer’s search. When you earn a single answer to your customer’s queries, you instantly improve your brand’s credibility and visibility too.

  • Track Your Competitor’s Ranking Movement
  • BiQ allows you to track and compare your optimization progress against others in the industry. More importantly, you’ll be able to gain invaluable insights into what works and what doesn’t.

    + 7 More in https://biq.cloud/closed-beta-invite/

    BiQs markup intelligence iconMarkup Intelligence

  • Discover Highly Relevant Markup Opportunities
  • BiQ’s microdata format allows you to discover highly relevant markup opportunities. This also helps search engines provide richer results which boosts your SERP ranking.

  • Uncover Your Competitors’ Markup Profile
  • BiQ helps you gain an important industry perspective. So, take this opportunity to find out where your website stands in terms of the schema language your competitors are diving into.

  • Keep Track Of Your Markup Health Status
  • BiQ’s markup intelligence helps you pivot your priorities when your health status is on the lower end. In no time, you’ll see yourself rank high in the SERPs when you’re able to achieve an optimal result.

    + 3 More in https://biq.cloud/closed-beta-invite/

    BiQ site intelligence iconSite Intelligence

  • Perform Detailed Site-Wide SEO Audit
  • BiQ enables you to perform a comprehensive audit to find any bottlenecks that’ll affect your website’s visibility. A complete website audit also gives you a clearer view on how you can improve sales and conversions.

  • Discover Missed Ranking Opportunities
  • BiQ lets you tap into data, allowing you to discover ranking opportunities that you aren’t aware of. Imagine the possibilities you could’ve missed thus far!

  • Download Extensive Site Intelligence Report
  • Using BiQ’s site intelligence, it takes less than 5 minutes to customize all your reports with your brands and colors. Swiftly export and download a comprehensive report on your website in a white-label PDF.

    + 4 More in https://biq.cloud/closed-beta-invite/

    Settings & Management icon for BiQSettings & Management

  • Save & Track Data That Matters With BiQ
  • BiQ vows to enable businesses to spot the right opportunities for growth. That is why they want people like you to keep all the crucial data ready at your fingertips. Start saving and tracking data that really matters to your business today!

  • Adaptive Filters For All Data
  • BiQ’s filters will change based on what is important to your research. Adjust the filters according to your optimization strategy and stick to a convenient method to bring up the best results for your specific needs.

  • Pay Only For What You Use
  • The intention behind this is simple. If you don’t use a certain feature, they don’t want you to pay for it. BiQ promises to give cost control back to marketers by designing the entire tool to provide granular cost control.

    + 8 More in https://biq.cloud/closed-beta-invite/

    What Does BiQ Hope To Achieve During The Closed Beta

    They aren’t just another ordinary tool. At BiQ, it takes a whole other level to come up with this new approach in the market – creating an application that democratizes pricing and lets you scale as your needs grow.

    Currently, what they hope to be achieving is making constant progress and getting the closed beta out in the coming days. They’ve made great progress for 7 months and will continue to do so moving on.

    Share BiQ To your friends

    Although their doors are not fully open yet, they have opened up invitations for the public to join them in the upcoming closed beta launch. Throughout this closed beta period, they hope to be getting more users who will share the word out and refer their friends to the BiQ SEO suite.

    Once you’ve signed up and verified your email, you’ll officially be listed on the waitlist. While waiting for the closed beta to launch, don’t forget to refer your friends and move up the waiting list. Sharing is caring!

    Referrers in the Top 100 ranks will be invited for the early access in batches when the closed beta is officially launched. Keep sharing~

    Important FAQ Questions Answered

    (PS: Drop me a comment if your questions are not answered, I’ll add them here)

    FAQ for BiQ

    (i) What are the elements BiQ has to offer that other SEO tools don’t?
    It’s the world’s first SEO suite that democratizes pricing and gives cost control back to users.

    (ii) Am I required to pay for the beta access?
    No payment is involved during the closed beta access.

    (iii) How can I get started with the Beta Access?
    Click on https://biq.cloud/closed-beta-invite/. You will then be redirected to the landing page where the journey to gain full control of your SEO costs begins.

    (iv) Do I need to create an account for the queue?
    You are required to first sign up by putting in your email and name. Don’t forget to verify your email to confirm your registration for the closed beta.

    (v) Which features am I eligible to test?
    When the closed beta officially launches, BiQ will start inviting users in batch. During each batch, users in the top 100 will be granted exclusive access.

    (vi) Is this beta access managed by BiQ?
    Yes, the BiQ team manages all aspects of the closed beta launch and so forth.

    (vii) Can I talk about the beta test to my friends?
    Absolutely! You can talk publicly (in-person and online) about BiQ. Before the official launch of the beta access, each friend referred will bump up your position by 5 ranks.

    (viii) How many people can I refer to?
    As many as you can! In fact, the more the merrier.

    (ix) Will I receive anything for my participation?
    If you meet the basic participation requirements, you will find your name appearing as one of BiQ’s “Founding Members” as their way of saying thanks for being with them from the start.

    Get Ready For The Early BiQ Access
    And Join Me On This Fascinating Journey!

    BiQ beta access button

    Note: This article is written purely based on an honest review after using the tool. I am not in any way affiliated with the product aforementioned.

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