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Social Media Customer Care

The Rise Of Social Media Customer Service

Depending upon your role in internet marketing, you may take customer service for granted. For example, in affiliate marketing the customer service for the products and services you sell falls on the company that creates it… right? Well, sort of.

If you value happy, repeat customers and hate getting chargebacks then you definitely want to make sure you customers are covered, not only by the product owner, but by YOU the affiliate. 

Customer service is one of the best ways of building a better relationship with your customers and letting them know that their happiness and success is a big deal to you. Doing so will increase your customer retention and boost referrals.

Social media has gone from like the new thing to a mandatory platform for your marketing and advertising efforts. That you already know. But its also a great place to boost your brand’s image by quickly responding to any of your customers concerns. The infographic below, by Website Builder outlines the benefits and the importance of customer care on social media platforms:

Key Points:

  • People spend 3-20% more when they get a response to their customer service queries. Do the math here!
  • More than half of all age groups have given up a brand because of poor customer service. I’m sure you have too. There are plenty of other choices if your brand isn’t getting it done.
  • Seven in ten people in the USA use social media. It is a monster and one of the best places to demonstrate your willingness to make people happy by doing business with you.
  • 90% of social media users have used it to communicate a brand. Both good and bad.
  • 63% of customers expect to receive customer service on social media. In fact, they prefer to get it there over email, live chat or the telephone.
  • 75% of people share good experiences with brands via social media.
  • 65% people have more brand loyalty if a company reaches out to help via social media.
  • 95% of customer complaints on social media don’t reach the companies.
  • Brands send 23 promotional messages for every one response given to their audience.
  • Brands on average receive 39 messages per 1000 fans on Facebook each month.
  • 42% of customers who complain in social media expect a response within one hour.
  • The average response time from businesses is 5 hours.
  • Companies with the best social customer care experience 92% customer retention.
  • Good social customer cares pushes customers to spend 20-41% more $.
  • Brands experience three times more increase in revenue by resolving a negative tweet.


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