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Week ending July 15th: Good luck and don’t injure yourself

TURKEY I stayed up late to watch this unfold and write this for you. Get caught up here. POKEMON GO People are walking off cliffs because they are staring down at their phones while trying to capture a Pokemon. People are capturing suspected murderers when their GPS tracker leads them to a Pokemon location, that also...

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Terri Gallagher of Gallagher & Consultants to Speak at Bloomberg Global Workforce Webinar

Terri Gallagher to Speak at Bloomberg Global Workforce Webinar as co-presenter with John Smith Managing Director CXC Global; an integrated alliance partner.

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Provider Web Capital Earns Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau

Provider Web Capital, a leader in healthcare finance, announced today that it has met the accreditation standards required for membership by the BBB.

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Jay Little, a Georgia real estate agent specializing in solving real estate problems, is excited to announce the launch of his mortgage readiness program.

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IBS Investment Bank Provides Over $210 Million in Financings During First Half 2016

IBS Investment Bank today announced that it has provided funding for over $210 Million in new financings for real estate investors and US based businesses.

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Provider Web Capital: Originations Flourish & Senior VP Joins the Team

Provider Web Capital is excited to announce its continued growth in monthly origination numbers, with June of 2016 far outpacing the same period in 2015.

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Digital Marketing Agencies are Winning with Remote Employees

80% of digital marketing agencies in US and UK believe remote workers are more productive and nearly 1 in 5 agencies employ only remote workers.

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Financial Spreads Suggests that Most UK Residents Already Have a Trade on EU Referendum

Financial Spreads has written to clients reminding them of another reason of why they might not want to trade the referendum.

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Passive Income Ideas and Answers – Ask Matt – June 2016

This is the very first post in what just might become a series of posts here on my Dumb Passive Income blog. People visit my blog for passive income ideas, answers to questions and some who just like to read my thoughts on certain topics. I am creating this post (and/or series) in an attempt […]

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ARES PRISM is the Solution of Choice for State Nuclear Power Engineering Company (SNPEC)

SNPEC has successfully implemented ARES PRISM as their enterprise project lifecycle management tool for ensuring the completion of their nuclear projects.

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