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Bounce Rate Analytics, Benchmark and How to Improve It

What is a bounce rate? Have you ever walked out of a restaurant or café, immediately after going in? If yes, then you bounced! Perhaps you did not see the type of food you wanted, or you just didn’t like the café’s appearance. Whatever the reason, you took one step …

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What is Google Analytics and How it Helps You?

What is Google Analytics and How it Helps You? Hi! I’m sure the majority of you here are website owners. Don’t leave this page yet even though you’re not one. You could be, someday. I will be sharing with all of you a very important tool for businesses and website …

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7 Google Analytics Reports That Show How Your Blog is Really Performing

When you log into Google Analytics, what do you look at? Chances are you see something like the image above that shows you how many people are currently on your blog. Well, that was easy to guess because that’s the report Google Analytics gives you once you log in. 😉 …

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