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Should I Outsource My Blog? 5 Questions to Help You Decide

Running a blog is a lot of work. You have to continually feed it new content, keep up with WordPress updates, maintain your hosting account, moderate comments, respond to readers…dozens, maybe even hundreds, of little tasks. On top of all that, there’s promoting and monetizing your blog, which is even …

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14 SEO Tips that Will Help Increase Organic Traffic to Your Blog

If you run any sort of website or blog, you probably think about traffic a lot. You might even be obsessively checking your daily organic traffic, looking to see how many new visitors came to your site.  At least that’s what I used to do, every time I published a …

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Introducing Flare: An SEOPressor Solution to Your Blog and Content Writing Needs

Content marketing is powerful, and it works greater when paired with SEO.  9 in 10 digital marketers agree that SEO and content marketing together is one of the most effective and scalable methods for generating organic traffic and building leads. However just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t mean it is …

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6 Actionable Tips to Boost Content Engagement on Your Blog

6 Actionable Tips to Boost Content Engagement on Your Blog You’re likely well aware of the fact that having an active business blog is crucial to building better brand visibility online. Producing fresh content on a consistent basis is a key part of any website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and …

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Do High DA Backlinks From Blog Comments Help Rankings?

If you have ever left a comment on NeilPatel.com, you’ll notice that there is no URL field. Why? Well, a few years ago, blog commenting exploded. I was literally getting thousands of spam comments a day from people just leaving a comment for the purpose of link building instead of …

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13 Copywriting Tips To Write The Perfect Blog Post

13 SEO Copywriting Best Practices for Blogs In the last couple of weeks we’ve covered why it’s a great idea to have a blog for your business, and what you can do to prepare that blog to be successful. Today, we perfect the most crucial of all the elements involved …

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HTTP vs HTTPS: The Difference And Everything You Need To Know (E-book) – Blog Offer

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Coming Up With The “Perfect” Blog Name

Coming Up With The “Perfect” Blog Name A few days ago, I’ve received an email asking for advice on coming up with a blog name. I’ve then decided to study on that topic and share what I’ve learned here. I’m sure many people have this dilemma, myself included. For those …

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12 Ways To Create Blog Titles That Brings Massive Traffic

Writing blog titles is easy, but writing blog titles that could bring in massive traffic is a whole other story. To write great blog titles, you’ll need to first understand what kind of titles attract the most traffic and has the highest click-through rate. Once you’ve understood these factors, you’ll …

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7 Google Analytics Reports That Show How Your Blog is Really Performing

When you log into Google Analytics, what do you look at? Chances are you see something like the image above that shows you how many people are currently on your blog. Well, that was easy to guess because that’s the report Google Analytics gives you once you log in. 😉 …

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