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What Types of Content Should You Create For Your Personal Brand?

It goes without saying that the content you create and share is the essence of building your personal brand. Producing top-quality content, in high volumes and in new formats, will have you standing out from … The post What Types of Content Should You Create For Your Personal Brand? appeared …

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7 Instagram Contest Ideas to Grow Brand Awareness

Instagram accounts that hold contests can achieve up to 70% faster follower growth than accounts that don’t hold contests. If you want a popular Instagram account, coming up with and executing some Instagram contest ideas is a great start. In this post, we’ll explore how you can use Instagram contests …

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Why SaaS Brand Advocacy is More Important than Ever in 2021

It’s no secret that the field of marketing is constantly evolving, and SaaS brands are not immune from the challenges that arise due to the fast-paced nature of the field. One great way SaaS companies can keep up is through brand advocacy. 2021 SaaS Trends that Affect Brand Advocacy For …

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Twitter for SEO: How To Use Twitter to Boost Your Brand

Twitter is has a massive audience, making it a great platform for advertising products and services, or sharing your content. If you aren’t using Twitter to boost your brand, you’re seriously missing out. According to Statista, Twitter has amassed more than 330 million active monthly users. But there’s a better …

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Here’s How You Can Strengthen Your Brand Identity (6 Easy Ways)

Last week, I needed a new phone but I couldn’t go to the store due to how tight my schedule was. I told a friend of mine, and he advised me to get it online. So I went to the Amazon website, typed in ‘phone’ in their search engine, and …

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Build Your Personal Brand and Your Career Will Flourish

You’re determined, hard working, crushing your goals, and passionate in what you do. Without noticing it, you’re already building your personal brand. It’s time to take it to the next level – to digital. Your … The post Build Your Personal Brand and Your Career Will Flourish appeared first on …

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Three Ways to Monetize Your Personal Brand

So you have worked hard to build your own personal brand. Is there any way to turn that effort into a source of income? Yes! Here my three favorite ways to monetize your brand: 1. … The post Three Ways to Monetize Your Personal Brand appeared first on Paper.li blog.

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Find a Font: 19 Places to Find Free Fonts for Your Brand

You’ve started a business, brand, or website, and it’s time for you to start distributing content. Congratulations. What you might not be thinking about is how to find a font that represents your brand. Sure, you know you’ll need to learn certain skills like how to write a blog. But …

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How to Build Your Personal Brand by Being Everywhere

The Internet has given us one important opportunity: Become a brand. These days we have self-educated experts, self-published authors, self-created celebrities, none of which was imaginable a couple of decades ago when there was no … The post How to Build Your Personal Brand by Being Everywhere appeared first on …

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New Story Charity (YC S15) Is Hiring a Brand Designer

Article URL: https://newstorycharity.org/careers/brand-designer Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24364591 Points: 1 # Comments: 0

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