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How to Write Headlines People Can’t Help but Click [Formulas Inside]

There’s more than one reason sites like BuzzFeed, Upworthy, or PopSugar get so many clicks, views, and site visitors. The top reason, though, is that all of these sites use unique, powerful, and engaging headlines that make people want to click on their content and view the whole story. There …

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10 Most Powerful Words for Creating Catchy Headlines

Being a successful copywriter is a lot more than simply loving words, and writing them down. While every writer will have his or her own personal flair, what matters most is what are the words that can truly trigger emotion and actions.. Everything you write should be a conscious decision …

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28 Emotional Words For Creating The Best Headlines (and why)

28 Emotional Words For Creating The Best Headlines (and why) In this blogpost, I will be sharing with you 28 emotions-evoking words you can(should) use when writing a headline. Introduction Words are extremely powerful. What you say can affect (heal, comfort, hurt) and influence people. Quote by Mahatma Gandhi (Source: …

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