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TerraLeads Review

TerraLeads Hub Review

So What Is The TerraLeads Hub?

Why do they call themselves a hub? They’re a hub because they’re made up of three primary components:

  1. As a merchant, they offer their own products that pass all clinical tests and meet all European standards.
  2. As a network, they partner with experienced partners only. Partners must prove their successful previous experience in affiliate marketing.
  3. As a publisher, they have our own arbitrage team who are responsible for creating educational material and creatives for their partners.

TerraLeads Hub Is A CPA Offer Network:

TerraLeads is an CPA affiliate network. CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition and its a commission model that rewards you every time you refer a lead who funds a new account with them. 

It’s a great model and I personally know internet marketers that are making ridiculous amounts of money in the CPA market. If you would rather get paid per simple action, instead of for each completed sale, this model is for YOU.

TerraLeads Vertical Offer Categories:

  • Diet
  • Beauty
  • Watch/Jewelry
  • Health
  • Economizer
  • Adult
  • General

Terra Provides You A Well-Laid Out Dashboard With All The Tools And Features You Need:

Apply To Get Started With TerraLeads Now

The application process is as follows:

  • Register a new account using the link above
  • An account managers will approve the request
  • You’ll be contacted for a short interview
  • You’ll  need to provide proof that you have previous experience in affiliate marketing/CPA in a form of screenshots
  • You’ll be asked:
  • How many leads per day do you plan to generate?
  • What GEO area you to cover?
  • What ad campaigns do you plan to run?
  • What’s your traffic source?
  • What other networks do you work with?

What are the advantages of becoming a TerraLeads partner? 

  1. TerraLeads is the first ‘Affiliate Hub’ in the world: They have exclusive offers that have passed all clinical tests and meet European standards.
  2. They developed a ‘quick lead’ system. (Easy fill-out form → Quick call from the call-center → Order approval → You the partner gets paid)
  3. High conversion rate. Leveraging cutting-edge UI/UX technologies, CTA features and A/B split testing plus a constant metrics analysis.
  4. Landing/pre-landing pages pass UI/UX validation before being handing over to their partners.
  5. High approval rate. Highly trained call center specialists with a motivational system do their best to increase the approval rate. Call-centers in each country (native speakers). P.S. In many countries, call centers are loaded for less than 50%, which makes the process of reaching the prospect and getting the approval fast.
  6. Instant payouts upon request. Wow! 
  7. TOP payouts in Europe.
  8. Personal account managers providing their partners with 24/7 multilingual support.
  9. Ready-to-go landing pages, which have successfully passed moderation process in Google AdWords and Facebook.
  10. Possibility to cooperate with sales department when developing creatives for ROI increase.
  11. Development of individual product offers (on a turnkey basis).
  12. Support provision while creating ad campaigns (making translations, choosing the target audience).
  13. Detailed statistics on every order (number of calls, operator’s comments, customer feedback).
  14. Consulting with internal department of media buying experts.
  15. Vast choice of optimization instruments for partners.
  16. User-friendly and easy system interface.

The TerraStore:

Do you like competing and earning great prizes? The TerraStore is a special system of bonuses (t-coins) that one earns with every approved lead. T-coins are then exchanged for presents like power banks, iPhones, Apple watches, segways, and many more.


What payment methods does TerraLeads use?

  • Wire
  • Paxum
  • e-Payments
  • WebMoney
  • PayPal

Which countries is TerraLeads represented in? 

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • France
  • Portugal
  • România
  • Cyprus
  • Greece
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Bulgaria


Get Started With TerraLeads Now



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