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Token Transit (YC W17) is hiring public transit enthusiasts

We believe that transportation needs to be accessible, affordable and efficient. We also believe that public transit in cities isn’t just buses — it is also bike shares, and scooters and any other way to get around.

Right now, we are working with nearly 100 city governments, Google Maps, Transit App (and similar apps) and a couple of bike sharing companies. If urbanism and equity are your jam and you are looking for your next gig, we would love to chat.

We are hiring for two technical roles (Mobile Engineer and backend Software Engineer) and a Director of Operations (to help us manage our agencies and partners). You can check out the listings on Angel List (https://angel.co/company/token-transit/jobs), and apply either there, or by reaching out to me for engineering ([email protected]) or my co-founder Sam for operations ([email protected]) directly.

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