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Top Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

My Top Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginnerstips

1. Carefully Choose And Focus On Your First Niche:

A common mistake new affiliate marketers make is scattering their efforts across too many niches at once. Don’t do that. Choose one niche carefully, focus on it, and stick with it until you master it. Scattering your efforts will only delay your success while diluting your income.

I believe you should choose a niche that you’re either knowledgeable in or passionate about (hopefully both). Your goal should be to become the go-to-person in your niche and establish yourself as an authority on your topic.

What if you choose the wrong niche? That’s fine as long as you fail as fast a possible and move on to something else. Most of us in online marketing have pursued dead-end niches before so it’s no big deal. Just learn from it and keep moving.

2. Know Your Audience:

  • Do you know who you’re talking to?
  • Why are they coming to your site?
  • Do you understand the needs of your readers?
  • Are you helping to solve their problems
  • Are you helping them find what they’re looking for?
  • Do your offers neatly fit in with your message?

If you don’t know enough about your audience just ask them using an online survey app. Surveymonkey works great and is free to use.

3. Always Post High-Quality Original Content And Post Frequently

Posting content that is valuable and compelling is a high priority. Without it, people won’t stick around on your site long enough to click on your offers. Even if they did you’ll have zero credibility to recommend anything. Post content as often as you can since the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) love fresh content and will boost your search listings accordingly. Posting frequent, new, high-quality content is a key element to SEO to help get your site found.

4. Build An Email List In Your Market

List building should be your #1 priority. If you’re doing affiliate marketing right you’ll make more income from your list than any other single source. Plus, your list is the most important asset your business will own. If you fail to build a list in your market, you’ll be leaving a ton of money on the table. Please don’t do that.

5. Give Out Free Stuff

Give your readers ethical bribes such as freebies and complementary gifts. Create your own or buy them in the PLR market. Giving freely before asking for something in return will make your marketing efforts easier. Plus its a cool thing to do. People love free stuff and will remember you for your generosity.

6. Get To Know Your Affiliate Managers

They’re paid to make sure you succeed in selling their brand. Many will be glad to review your website and offer suggestions to better promote them. When you start kicking some ass for them you can often ask for an increase in your commission percentages.

7. Diversify

Never rely solely on one affiliate company. Things can change in internet marketing lightning fast. Protect yourself from any shenanigans by selecting several different companies to work with just in case one goes sideways to avoid losing all your income overnight. This applies not only to affiliate products but affiliate networks as well.

8. Develop Relationships Before Selling

Affiliate marketing is all about trust so start by earning it. Be genuine, honest, helpful, and friendly. Then and only then should you recommend products and services to someone else. Never recommend a product or service that you don’t believe in and/or use yourself.

9. Look For Partner Resources

Choose an affiliate company that shares with you the tools and data you need to succeed. The best affiliate companies do mad research on creatives, conversion rates, and market trends. The companies that are worth doing business with will generally share that information with their valued affiliates which enables you to create the most effective campaigns possible.

10. Always Use A Call To Action

Once you hook your audience with compelling, original, engaging content make sure you help them make a decision on what to buy with a call to action. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re selling. Don’t be afraid to make offers.

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11. Understand The Truth About Internet Marketing Forums

Join a good internet marketing forum such as Warrior Forum but beware. While these forums are essential for new ideas, collaborations, and news don’t spend too much time in there. Forums are the biggest time suck you’ll find. It’s easy to spend hours browsing the endless threads only to come away overwhelmed by information, ideas, and rants. Instead go in and search for something specific or one good idea to act on and get out. If you spend more that 30 minutes per day in forums you’re wasting valuable time.

12. Research The Demand For Your Products

Don’t make the mistake of pimping a product nobody wants. The best campaign in the world can’t overcome the lack of demand for it. Spend time in advance researching it’s demand and potential longevity. Also, it goes without saying but match your offers to topic. I often see marketers offering products that have zero correlation to their target market.  

13. Become An Authority In Your Niche

Turn your site into the go-to place for your topic. As an authority you’ll become recognized as an expert in your field. Expertise increases credibility and trust and allows you to capitalize on branding and growing your site and boosting your sales. Plus, the cream always rises to the top so if you become one of the experts in your niche people will seek you out for interviews and collaborative ventures.

14. Use Transparency And Always Disclose Relationships

Openly and honestly disclose your affiliate relationships. It not only builds trust but it’s also required by the FTC. Oh, and that leads to another critical tip:  never piss off the alphabet agencies. Nothing will sink your internet marketing business faster than getting on the wrong side of the feds.

15. If You’re Targeting Local Customers Look Offline Too

If you specialize in local marketing you can look for offline merchants to work with as well. Many brick & mortar businesses in your community offer discounts and incentives for personal referrals. Many will be thrilled to have another method of promotion and will work with you on a custom referral program.

16. Stick With What You Do Best And Outsource Everything Else

Early on you’ll probably have to do most of the tasks yourself. But as you experience success and earn money try to outsource everything that you’re not good at. Don’t become a jack-of-all-trades, master on none. 

17. Use Fiverr Often

Speaking of outsourcing, Fiverr is an incredible resource for online marketers.  If you get stuck on any issue that’s going to take you more than a half hour to solve delegate it an expert on that issue on Fivver for $5.00.  It’s the best time management tool ever in my opinion. You’ll be amazed what people are willing to do for only five bucks. You can also offer your services on Fiverr as well. 

18. Review And Improve

As you add new content to your site make sure to review your old posts to look for missed affiliate opportunities.  As you expand your campaigns you’ll constantly have new products and services to recommend that will tie in nicely to your old content. If you run out of new post ideas just take an old post of yours and rewrite it with improved content.

19. Don’t Leave Out The Bad Stuff

If you’re doing product or service reviews make sure to mention not only the positives but the negatives as well.  No product is perfect and pointing out the imperfections adds credibility to you as a reviewer and will lead to increased conversions and sales.

20. Cross Promote

Don’t forget to cross-promote your products and services using multiple social media platforms.

21. Test Your Links On A Regular Basis

Sounds logical right?  But the reality is I see this error in affiliate marketing all the time.  Make sure you click through to the page you are linking to make sure it matches your pre-selling copy and effectively sells the product or service being offered. Sometimes affiliate companies will change their links without telling anyone so it’s your job to stay up to date on your links to make sure they work and you’re getting credit.

22. Be Careful With Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is a great platform for affiliate websites but be cautious with free themes.  Some carry not only out-of-date coding but malicious malware and other nastiness that can jack up both your website and your computer.  Research free themes thoroughly or pay a few bucks for a solid theme from a reputable company to avoid these headaches.

23. Utilize The Bonus Pile-On

Add bonus products or services along with your core offer.  There are tons of sites offering products with resale or giveaway rights or create your own bonus package. I’ve bought some products myself just to receive the valuable bonuses.

24. Have Patience

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.  It’s a long-term business model that, if built right, will continue to pay you commissions every single day indefinitely. But you’re not going to set the world on fire in your first thirty days so hang in there.  

25. Out Of Content Ideas For Your Blog?

We all run into writers block at some point. That’s when you should re-write and re-publish an old post on your website. Add more content and bring it up to date with newly relevant ideas, tactics, and strategies. Google likes longer authoritative posts so if you take a 500 word article and expand it into a much more comprehensive 1000 word article it will likely move up the search engine rankings – bringing you fresh traffic. Don’t forget to repost it on your social media channels as well!

Bonus Tip: Be Accountable:

You may be selling other people’s products but ultimately it’s your business and thus the buck stops only with you.  Take personal responsibility when things go wrong and make them right.


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Do you have any affiliate marketing tips to add that work for you?

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