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Traffic Junky Review

Traffic Junky Review

Traffic Junky is the leading CPM-based digital advertising network. They offer monetization solutions to publishers and advertisers, as well as provide top-of-the-class digital marketing. Despite being a veteran and a well-renowned adult advertising network, Traffic Junky bears a CPM 90% cheaper than the big guys (AdWords and Facebook ads). Since 2008, they have acquired and maintained a firm reputation for providing quality service.

Traffic Junky gained its popularity for partnering with only the top advertisers and publishers. More and more individuals and companies testify of its quality work. In fact, Traffic Junky serves 3 billion daily ad impressions, and receive 150 million visitors daily.

Traffic Junky is today’s largest and most reliable online advertising network. They use a CPM-bidding system to make sure their clients acquire the maximum profit possible. Advertisers can bid for Traffic Junky’s ad spaces available on top websites. Once acquired, they can choose the best space for their ad. On the other hand, publishers can get the highest price for the ad space. Thus, this system for bidding clearly shows it’s a fair and a winner deal for the both parties, whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser.

Advantages Of Traffic Junky

For Advertisers

Traffic Junky is the best choice if you’re an advertiser who’s looking for a space to endorse your product or service. If you’re asking why, it’s because they have billions of visitors and impressions on a daily basis. Furthermore, because Traffic Junky works with the top publisher websites, advertisers can choose where they would like to promote their goods.

When working with Traffic Junky, you will have an account manager who will assist you with any question you may have and help you achieve the best results possible. They also use tools and a wide range of options to hit specific goals. Traffic Junky’s team can target visitors by location, time, keywords, device and time. Their efficient system prioritizes ads that convert. They also provide a detailed performance report, making every detail transparent and clear.

For Publishers

Publishers may want to consider Traffic Junky as their ad network. Just like with the leading and biggest sites, this ad network provides the same quality work with their every client. Also, because they are solely CPM-based, publishers will get paid for each impression delivered. Traffic Junky’s unique bidding system assures that publishers get the highest rate possible.

This ad network has algorithms that ranks websites based on the number of clicks and conversions. Meaning, if the publisher’s site performs well, they will get higher results too. This only denotes that Traffic Junky enhances the publisher’s success. In addition to that, the ad network’s enticing features include a provided an in-depth report, payment options, customizable payment terms, and a highly-functioning referral program.

How To Apply

Interested advertisers and publishers can fill up Traffic Junky’s form, and submit it to sign up. After that, they will receive the confirmation email for their sign up which includes the activation link that has to be clicked to activate the account. Once you have activated your account, then you can instantly log in and have access to your dashboard.

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