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Vathys (YC W18) is hiring a machine learning compiler engineer

Location: Remote

Vathys is hiring a machine learning compiler engineer to build the core compiler to a system that will be a step function improvement in ML capability.

The ideal candidate:

1. Has a good understanding of the fundamentals of deep learning algorithms. Less “I can use Keras” and more “I can write a CNN from scratch in numpy”.

2. Has used a NN compiler framework or IR framework in the past such as TVM, MMdnn, MLIR, Glow, Tensor Comprehensions, etc.

3. Has experience with compilers, especially optimizing compilers and compilers for high performance code.

4. Has experience writing kernels for deep learning applications.

5. Has at least passing familiarity with the concept of polyhedral optimizations

Generous compensation will be provided to the right candidates.

Please contact tapabrata_ghosh[at]vathys[dot]ai if you’re interested

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