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Your Business Credit Report

Many small business owners don’t realize that business credit scores are distinctly separate from personal credit scores. Your business credit score has no impact on your personal credit score, and vice versa.

Business credit reflects your company’s image to potential lenders and business partners. Yet, unlike personal credit — which can be viewed only with the permission of the report holder — business credit scores are made available to the public. Anyone can view your business credit score for any reason.

Furthermore, business credit is expressed with a different numerical range than personal credit. Business credit scores provide a quick view of a company’s risk potential based on a scale of 1 to 100 — the higher the score, the lower the risk.

Score Range Risk Class Risk Description
76-100 1 Low
51-75 2 Low-Medium
26-50 3 Medium
11-25 4 Medium-High
1-10 5 High

Score Range Risk Class Risk Description 76-1001 – Low 51-752 – Low-Medium – 26-503 – Medium 11-254 – Medium-High 1-105 – High
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